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ReGenesis Media mission and  intentions are to deliver digital media and publishing services to allied organization, individuals, and businesses.  The core team behind ReGenesis Media has always supported and sponsored creative entrepreneurs/artists, grassroots movements and community networks.


The mission of ReGenesis Media is to deliver regenerative multi-media that adheres to the highest values and principles of shared core human desires for happy & healthy homes, families, communities, and pursuit of their dreams. We strive to deliver media that helps accelerate individual consciousness into the exciting and boundless realms of the enlightened and empowered self.

Information and knowledge can only be utilized by individuals to the extent of their comprehension. Entertainment can only truly benefit a society if it helps them to grow and understand themselves through the media they are consuming.  ReGenesis Media is a multi-media publishing company built around value fulfillment, regeneration/sustainability, and self-responsibility.

SeThInkLogo75“Life’s secret lies in Comprehension rather than only in Knowledge.”
~ The Book of Dragon ~ Ciruelo