DigitalDownloadPicReGenesis Media is a division of Gaia ReGenesis Inc PBC, a Colorado Public Benefit Corporation.  Our mission is to produce and deliver information via internet radio, DVD videos, audio CD’s, and multimedia platforms that educate and inspire individuals towards a sustainable and regenerative future.

In an article titled The World In a State of Extreme Transition-Moving from Sustainability to Regenerative Design by Daniel Pinchbeck and Schuyler Brown they have eloquently put forth some of our shared thoughts around ‘regenerative culture’:

“We propose the new paradigm emerge from the ideals of regenerative culture. We can look at our current institutions and ideologies as a substrate, a foundation, providing the conditions for another level of transformation, just as modern bourgeois society emerged from monarchy. According to chaos theory, the nonlinear dynamics of living organisms allow for the emergence of new orders of complexity, when a system reaches a high level of instability. As the mono-cultural, technocratic approach of post-industrial capitalism crumbles, a new worldview — a new way of being — is crystallizing.”

ReGenesis Media is in service to this new emerging culture and we invite individuals to ‘Declare Interdependence’ and see this media outlet as a tool to aid them in their own work towards this shared vision.  Read here for more history of ReGenesis Media.